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Welcome to Crowd9 Agency

a crowdfunding marketing company

Crowd9 Agency provides guidance and resources to startups and growing businesses seeking to raise capital through crowdfunding campaigns on any platform.

Adaptive Services & Support

Our team of resources will provide as little or as much guidance and services as needed to meet your fundraising goals.

Campaign Management

Track and manage the progress of your campaign through our comprehensive analytics across multiple social media platforms.

Plan your Campaign, Raise your Funds

By refining our process to fit your unique needs, we are able to deliver a customized approach to achieve the best campaign results.

At Crowd9 Agency, we understand a successful crowdfunding campaign starts with developing a community of supporters and the community starts with authentic storytelling. Our specialist will identify the best approach to tell your story and create awareness of your brand through social media marketing, advertising, and direct email marketing activities.

Our Expertise

Crowd9 Agency is a full service firm specializing in marketing and promoting crowdfunding campaigns.

Video Production

Leverage the experience of our video production team to create the ideal pitch video for your crowdfunding campaign.

Social Media Strategy

Raise awareness around your product and brand through targeted activities on popular social media platforms.

Website Design

An integral part of a successful campaign is to create a great website to communicate your story and share your content.

Marketing & Branding

Let our marketing professionals build a highly engaged following that will share your campaign content.

Our launch package. Your platform.