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About Us

Crowd9 provides guidance and resources to startups and growing businesses seeking to raise capital through campaigns on any crowdfunding platform.

The company can serve as a concierge marketing agency that offers customized campaign content and generates awareness for businesses wishing to conduct a reward, donation, debt, or equity crowdfunding campaign. 

Why Crowd9

Our Crowd9 team will bring a customizable and proven approach to your crowdfunding campaign. In addition, we will raise awareness of your products or services through targeted digital marketing activities and create ambassadors for your brand.

Our Promise is to provide our clients with the highest level of service to conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign and launch their dreams.

Rick Mekdessie, Founder


Our values are pillars of the Crowd9 culture consisting of the highest standards of
ethics, respect, diversity and inclusion.

We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable to conduct business with uncompromising integrity!

Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients and guide them to achieve the funding goals with successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional fundraising and help businesses fund their products, services, and dreams.

Our Team

Our Crowd9 team of qualified and experienced technical and business personnel has a proven record of managing successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Let CROWD9 provide guidance to create your successful CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN

Crowdfunding is a new alternative to traditional fundraising. Startups and growing companies can raise capital from the general public while gaining ambassadors and publicity. Your campaign should concisely and accurately summarize your company’s investment opportunity.